Dear Mr Jimmy Santiago Baca, I writing regarding your past life experiences. I firstly came across you and your writing when it was handed to me by my English teacher Mr ‘O’ Brien (Who understands me but me) and after reading your poem it made me reflect on my life and my past life experiences […]

In the novel “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian a boy named Junior has so many differences compared to an normal child being born with water on the brain and ten extra teeth isn’t what any child in the world would ever want for them self. This essay will briefly conclude to why […]

Hi my name is David Soyemi, a youngster destined for greatness. I’m an extravagantly noble child ready to show how capable I am of doing great things in life. There have been many ups and downs in my life but once I put my mind to things I am unstoppable. I was born on December […]

The land colour sparkled the wind danced happily to the breeze that went by. The grass was green, the trees smile and life was as wonderful as it had ever been. Zeus a noble king was the protector of the land and never allowed the face of evil to slip through his eyes. And his […]

They dwell apart among wolves on the hills. Without warning I saw the treacherous figure of Grendel hover over my head. Fear rapidly overtook me like poison running throughout my body. He appeared like a nightmare. Grendel. My whole life flashed right before my eyes. My companions ran towards my direction. cut the fluff avoid repetition […]

As time passes stories are told day after day you have a heart so cold, but as life goes by you’ll know how it feels, to be the one who gives us mysterious stories untold. Without warning a touch of death rapidly circulates me, my head mixes different types of colours being blended briskly in […]

People respect Shield Sheafston because he was a man who was extravagantly encouraging because he always tried to make sure all of his people were happy and he knew he needed o take care of hi younger generation very well because hey would be the ones who will succeed him when they all grow up. […]

Gio=Jeff=Office assistant, Jordan and Leo S: Finances Where important decisions are made: Staff Room. Spending money for materials to refurbish also to restore (put to original quality) historically accurate Historians to be interviewed; Christian, Ishtiaque and Ramez Head Historian: Assistant Historian: Assistant Historian (2): Operations Manager: Personal Assistant: David Operations Assistant: Project Manager: Marketing Manager: […]

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“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” ― Ernest Hemingway